Interiors Inspo: Cox & Cox Grey Smoke Glass Table Lamp

Interiors Inspo: Cox & Cox Grey Smoke Glass Table Lamp

For some people it’s shoes, for some it’s handbags but for me it’s lamps.  I just cannot resist a gorgeous lamp. Floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps…I reached my thirties and became a crazy lamp lady. I make no apology.  Lamps rock. So when Cox & Cox sent me their stunning Grey Smoke Glass Table Lamp I swept the others aside (hey, I said I love a nice lamp, I didn’t say I wasn’t fickle), positioned it in various locations around my flat and spent the afternoon mooning at it like a lovelorn teenager.

cox and cox lamp living room

As lamps come, this one’s a goodie.  At £100 it’s not cheap but it’s worth the investment as it looks like a £100 lamp.  It stands out and adds a touch of glamour to your interiors. It reminds me of the kinds of lamps you see in the lobbies of hotels. Understated yet high impact. And it’s versatile;  the colour means it would sit comfortably within any style of decor and it works well in every room.  I speak from experience.  This lamp has seen more of my flat than Gok Wan has seen of chunky spectacles. I tried it in the bedroom, hallway and living room and it looked entirely at home in every space.

cox and cox lamp 12.jpg

As a lover of vintage interiors it works well because it adds a touch of sophistication to my space without detracting from the overall look.  The graduated smoke effect provides an element of interest which gives it a unique edge and lets it sit comfortably among the rest of my decor.

With Christmas just around the corner this would make the ideal gift for the crazy lamp ladies (and men) in your life, lovers of swish interiors or anyone who has been good all year as is simply deserving of a treat.  The lamp is in high demand so they’re currently out of stock but it seems they’ll be getting more in soon. Head over to their website now to bag a bargain with 20% off your first order.


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