The Lounge Co: Love at First Sit

The Lounge Co: Love at First Sit

I can’t believe September is here.  That back to school feeling is creeping in and I’ve already noticed a few trees turning golden and shedding their leaves. Christmas is just 16 weeks away and this year, for my sins, I’ll be entertaining the whole family.

What is it about opening up your home to the prying eyes of others that suddenly makes you see it in a completely different light?  Those faux flowers that seemed so pretty suddenly look a little naff, and the art you bought on holiday in Italy seems odd and out of place in a two bed semi.

For me, it’s my sofa that’s causing the problem. Since offering to host this year’s festivities my opinion of it has deteriorated faster than the music industry’s view of Taylor Swift following Kanye-gate.  Suddenly it’s old, it’s shabby and it’s just so…beige. I seem to have joined the masses of people I always scoffed at who, according to the adverts,  are in desperate need of a new sofa in time for Christmas as if its presence would make or break the holiday season (when in reality, we all know it’s the overcooked turkey and your aunt Barbara’s views on Brexit that are guaranteed to rain on that parade).

Thankfully, I’ve just discovered The Lounge Co.  They offer the best in British design with a 24 piece range of absolutely gorgeous sofas and chairs manufactured here in the UK by the craftsmen behind G-Plan, Duresta and Parker Knoll – and some models can be delivered in as little as four weeks. My favourite has to be Holly.  It looks smart yet cosy and would create a fantastic pop of colour in any room.

The Lounge Co_HollyCorner_from£1699_theloungeco.com_FOX053_WA_FA

The Lounge Co Holly Corner Sofa – from £1699

I love the pulled-in cushion detail, it creates a retro effect whilst keeping the overall design very modern. The legs also give it a slightly vintage edge.  And if the colours above don’t fit with your style, there are tons of other options available online. You can also choose from over 100 different fabrics (including wipe-clean which – if you’re a lover of red wine, like me – is a bit of a God send.)

While I’m a huge fan of online shopping, the great thing about The Lounge Co is that there are 21 galleries located within independent furniture retailers across the UK where you can actually try out the sofas.  Being such a huge purchase I feel it’s important to have the opportunity to recreate your favourite Friday night viewing position before you part with any cash.  And if you can’t make it to a store you can design your perfect sofa online using their configuration tool which enables you to choose from over 15,000 possible combinations of size, colour, fabric and feet, creating something that is truly unique to your own personal style.

Another sofa that caught my eye was Poppy.  Such an elegant design and so plush.  I can imagine curling up on this sofa for hours with a good book and a cup of tea. Again, the colour really grabbed my attention, it has a real jewel-like hue that would add a touch of class to your space whilst maintaining a relaxed look.

The Lounge

The Lounge Co – Poppy 3 seater from £999

With so many designs, fabrics and colours to choose from, there’s a sofa to suit any style – and pretty much any budget.  Prices are fixed (which means no buyer’s remorse when you see your recent purchase jauntily sporting a 50% off sign) and they start from just £799 for a two seater sofa.  You can even make a bold style statement for as little as £449 with one of their gorgeous accent chairs.  This is Noah and it gets full marks from me. It’s a great choice if you want to add a splash of colour to your space without committing to a larger purchase.

The Lounge Co_NoahAccentChair_from£449_theloungeco.com_SUN050_WO_FA

The Lounge Co – Noah Accent Chair from £449

In my opinion, what really sets The Lounge Co apart is the unique mix of online prices with the ability to experience the brand first-hand regardless of where you live. Being able to feel the fabric, sink into the cushions and view the colours in person makes me feel much more confident about making such an important purchase. Sofas are usually the first thing that draw the eye when you enter a living space so knowing that I can try before I buy – and call on the knowledge of in-store experts – makes all the difference.

The Lounge Co - Willow

The Lounge Co – Willow 2.5 seater from £1199

The Lounge Co - George Accent Chair from £599

The Lounge Co – George Accent Chair from £599

The Lounge Co‘s website has just launched so pop over and be one of the first to get your hands on an item from this unique and beautifully crafted range. I’d love to hear what you choose.

*This post was written in collaboration with The Lounge Co but all thoughts – and shameless expressions of lust – are my own.


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  1. September 5, 2016 / 12:32 pm

    School starts! It brings back memories about sitting on sofa and reading!

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