Bloom & Wild Letterbox Flowers

Bloom & Wild Letterbox Flowers

The surprise of opening your front door to fresh flowers is difficult to beat. Sending flowers is equally (okay, almost) as pleasurable but I’m often put off by the risk of the recipient not being home. A ‘Sorry we missed you’ card and instructions to trek down to the local post office don’t have quite the same effect.

All that changed, though, when Bloom & Wild came up with letterbox flowers; gorgeous arrangements, beautifully presented and wrapped up in a box slim enough to slip straight through the door.

Despite the brilliance of this concept, when I first heard about it I had my doubts.  Surely the flowers would be a little crushed? Wouldn’t they have wilted by the time the box was opened? And how many flowers could you really squeeze into such a skinny little box?

All of these questions were answered when Bloom & Wild opened a pop-up peony shop at Topshop in Oxford Circus.  I decided it would be rude not to nip in given that Topshop is just five minutes from my workplace. (One look at my credit card statement will convince you that this is not as great as it seems).

Bloom & Wild, Bloom and Wild, Bloom and Wild pop up shop

Bloom & Wild, Bloom and Wild, Peony

On arrival I was greeted by an ocean of peonies and a swarm of customers eager to get their hands on their choice of bouquet: small (£15), medium (£20) or large (£25).  Examples of each were on display and I opted for medium as the increase in size seemed worth it for the few extra pounds.

I queued up patiently, eyeing up the displays and watching all the people jostling for photographs of the flowers, then suddenly it was my turn and the actual founder of Bloom & Wild was offering to design my bouquet.  I eagerly agreed and even offered some useful input of my own such as “Ooh these are lovely. They’re so…countrysidey.” Yep. Countrysidey. Am I the only one whose vocabulary completely desserts them in the presence of someone they perceive to be highly established and therefore better than them in every conceivable way?

Happily they’re clearly accustomed to dealing with idiots and Aron (yeah, first name terms…), kindly informed me that the ‘countrysidey’ (cringe) flowers were called Waxflower.  Teamed with Coral Sunset and Alertie peonies, the combination made for a beautiful arrangement (although admittedly, teamed with mangled drain hair these flowers would look good). They were wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon then delicately placed in a snug little box.  Delighted with my purchase – if still somewhat mortified at my failed attempts at basic conversation – off I went on my merry way.

Bloom & Wild, Bloom and Wild, Peony

Once home,  I tore open the box half expecting to be greeted with bruised and browning petals but was surprised to find they had survived both the afternoon and the commute admirably. Even when I neglected to put them in water in lieu of wolfing down my dinner they remained impressively perky.  I arranged them in my Habitat vase and sat back to marvel at their beauty.  Mine! Mine! All mine! There is no flower more covetable than the peony.


Bloom & Wild, Bloom and Wild, Peony, Alertie Peonies, Coral Sunset peonies

As each day has passed over the last week they’ve transformed slowly from deep pink buds to humongous peachy clouds of loveliness. It’s been fascinating to watch and they have proved not only the perfect compliment to my home but excellent Instagram fodder.

Bloom & Wild, Bloom and Wild, Peony, Sunset Coral Peonies, Alertie Peonies

Bloom and Wild peony, Bloom & Wild peony

So if you fancy treating yourself someone special I’d definitely give these a go.  The online ones are a bit more expensive than in the pop up shop but the lovely people at Bloom & Wild gave me a unique discount code just for you. Visit the website and type in CLAREBLOOMS at checkout to save 15% as a new customer.

Bloom & Wild, Bloom and Wild, Peony

Let me know which ones you decided to purchase. I’d love to see a photo.  It’s really no wonder that peonies are Instagram’s most popular flower; evidence that I’m not the only one who just can’t get enough of these gorgeous blooms!

N.B This is not a sponsored post (you really think that’s likely after ‘countrysidey’?) and was written purely as a result of an unhealthy obsession with peonies.



  1. June 15, 2016 / 5:24 pm

    Oh they are stunning! I think I may have to think of a reason to treat myself!!
    Fab post.
    Carly x

    • Wild Crimson
      June 15, 2016 / 7:09 pm

      Thanks Carly! Yes they are beautiful, aren’t they? I’ve been trying to think of a reason to get some for ages so when the pop-up came along I grabbed my chance! Treat yourself for being lovely 🙂 x

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