Cheap & Easy Updates: Decopatch Paper

Cheap & Easy Updates: Decopatch Paper

If you fancy trying your hand at a quick and easy update this weekend you may want to check out Decopatch Paper. It’s so cheap – £1.20 per sheet – and incredibly versatile. It’s mostly used for papier mache (you can do pretty much any household item) but I used it to create a background for the above print which came on clear glass. It really livened it up and gives it an individual edge.


The pattern is gorgeous and has a real vintage feel.  This is just one of a number of available prints, all of which are so pretty that I considered buying a variety, going on a papier mache-ing frenzy and revamping everything in my home. I refrained as I couldn’t be confident I wouldn’t wind up with a decoupaged cat and a visit from the RSPCA.

I bought the paper a few weeks back from Cass Art in Hampstead but you can also get it online or in one of their other stores.

Be warned, it’s very thin with a tissue-like feel but according to the website it’s ‘extremely resistant to tearing.’ I’m not planning to test this anytime soon so we’ll have to take their word for it.

I hope this has inspired a fun and affordable weekend project. Whatever you do – enjoy!

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