You Need This: Making a House Your Home

You Need This: Making a House Your Home

Inside cover

I know what you’re thinking: ‘That book is OLD…and it has connections with the Daily Fail!’ (It was published in 2011 and the author writes for You magazine). Yes, yes, all true and all good reasons to run screaming for the hills (or at least another blog).  But have you read it? For me, it’s the interiors BIBLE.  Clare Nolan covers everything from cleaning (after reading the book I actually felt excited about brass cleaner), to styling, upcycling, wallpapering, hanging art, painting, flower arranging and shopping for antiques.


The photography is simply stunning and you can easily wile away an hour or two just leafing through the pages.

I bought the book a few years back and haven’t felt the need for any more interiors books since (I’m not counting the stacks of Country Homes and Interiors magazines I’ve acquired…). That’s really saying something as I am OBSESSED.  This one just covers such a broad range of areas that it would prove difficult to beat.


There are countless tips on how to look after your home (for example, using a coin edge to re-fluff carpet flattened by furniture legs. No, not exactly riveting but it’s tips like this that prove so useful at a later time, when you’ve had a spontaneous shuffle around) and there’s lots of insightful advice on things like how different shades of the same colour paint affect the overall look of a room.  (If you ever had any doubt, check out Rock My Style‘s post on finding the right shade of white.)


Sadly the book is no longer available to buy from Amazon but it is on there from third party sellers and I really do recommend it if you’re looking for easy updates and cheap ways to brighten up your space.  My home always looks that bit more stylish after a session with this, and there are so many different ideas to try. The interiors are still very much up to date as Nolan takes a classic (but not boring) approach and any items that would have been described as ‘trendy’ at the time of publication in 2011  (e.g a Roberts radio, a Conran lamp or an Eames chair) remain current.


Finally, it has a lovely blue ribbon as a page marker. I don’t know about you but I delight in such details. It just makes the whole book feel that bit more sumptuous (can a book be sumptuous?!) when teamed with all the lovely photos and the hardback cover.

So this one definitely gets the thumbs up from me.  How about you? Are there any interiors books or blogs that you return to again and again? I’d love to hear about them!

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