The Vintage Black Cat

The Vintage Black Cat

This tiny black cat sits on my mantelpiece.  It’s smaller than a matchbox and about forty years old. It was sold by Woolworths in the 1970s and I bought it at a vintage fair ten years ago. Though it’s still in recovery from an unfortunate incident with its tail (there’s a tiny crack near the tip), it’s in good condition and manages to hold its own among the (many) other objects on display.

I like to think it has a cheeky little character and that it could tell you some interesting stories about all it has seen throughout the years. (Admittedly – and despite its shocked expression – this would mostly consist of it regaling you with tales of me watching Eastenders with my feet up).

While I’m a massive fan of cheap interiors I also have a weakness for individual items that add interest and have some history behind them. These are the ones that have staying power as they’re simply timeless.

How about you? Do you have any items that have stood the test of time despite changes to decor and colour schemes? What is it that makes them so special?


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