Affordable Wall Art

Affordable Wall Art

It’s difficult to find affordable ‘art’ (I use the term loosely) and as a result I have a vast collection of cute greeting cards that I never seem to get around to framing. Someday…But in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek into some of the items that have made it onto the wall of my flat. I’m currently obsessed with the ongoing trend for quotes and have managed to find some pretty cheap items in my quest for affordable but chic pieces.

I put the pictures below on a narrow wall between the two windows in my living room. They’re just a small detail but they draw the eye as soon as you walk in and make use of what would otherwise have been dead space.  The print at the top was 50p from a car boot sale, the one in the middle from a little shop in Shoreditch (you can get similar ones from Not On The High Street for about twenty-five quid. This is my current favourite), and the gold foil one at the bottom is available on Etsy. (It’s from Australia but arrived in about ten days and cost £15 including postage.)

Wall pics final

Something else I’m currently loving is this card, also from Etsy and the lone one that I did get around to framing. It hangs just inside my hallway.  The frame is by Gisela Graham.  They don’t seem to be available online but you can get similar versions in M&S.

Hall 2 final

Here’s another print that I’ve just seen on Etsy, but it’s a download – I’ve never used these so I’m uncertain of the quality.  You certainly can’t argue with the price, though, (£4.33) and it’s bang on trend with the gorgeous floral detail.

I also like this picture which I found buried in a charity shop in Whitstable.  It’s actually printed on thick Kodak paper and pretty roughly cut out. I love the romance of it and like to think it was once a clumsily fashioned gift to someone from a besotted lover.  The frame came with it and has a nice vintage quality which compliments the colour of the text.

Hall 1 final

Before I decorated my hallway I also used to have a collage that included lots of old family photos, like my parents’ wedding in the sixties.  All the images were in black and white and in smart but cheap frames from IKEA. I’ll post a pic when (if) I get around to putting them back up. The frames come in lots of different sizes and mixing them up adds interest, as does positioning them in a slightly scattered arrangement.

Finally, I’m considering this, simply because it’s so damn true.  Sadly, it’s a little on the small side.  It’s by Alice Scott and currently for sale at Paperchase.


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