A Little Distressing

This is my most recent project: a two-drawer cabinet that I saw in the window of a charity shop for just £19.99. Admittedly, it needed some attention;  Some of the wood on the drawers was damaged (I think it’s made of MDF as wood doesn’t peel…does it?) and it was pretty whiffy,  but a good scrub, a light sand and a coat of Rust-Oleum furniture paint in Dusky Pink and it was like new.  Sadly, though, my carpet was not…

Pic1 again


At this point I’d like to share some valuable tips with you on how to get stains out of carpets and upholstery (and not murder your husband in the process for knocking over the tin).  Alas, this is not possible.  After an age spent scrubbing, the carpet still bears a pinkish tinge and my marriage continues to hang by a thread.

On the bright side, the chest of drawers turned out well.  I tried my hand at a bit of ‘shabby chic’-ing but overlooked the need to paint the chest in a contrasting colour first, so the parts that I distressed aren’t very noticeable.

Some may say the colour was a brave choice (particularly considering what became of the carpet) but I’m pleased with the results.  This video , which I found on YouTube, provides excellent (and quick – I’m not the most patient of DIYers) guidance if you want to give this a try – just remember to use a darker colour first, like slate grey, as an undercoat and use a mask when sanding it down.  And perhaps cover the floor with a sheet or two of newspaper first (failing locking your husband in a darkened room, that is).

Have you refurbished any furniture recently? How did it go?


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